Monday, December 14, 2009

Life as it is......EPISODE 15 : IMPENETRABLE GAZE

My eyes staring far unto the eternal gaze of the universe. I wonder and marvel at the power that generates, preserves and sustains this universe from its macrocosm part of the visible worlds and microcosm part of the invisible realms. Though science is slowly unraveling both aspects of universe, I believe we are still nowhere closer to a nanosecond of achievement. The manifestation which takes many million years to form a feast to our eyes is still hasn't reach its height, for every second there are still billions of layers unfolding silently in some unseen corners of this universe. Inconceivable indeed the power that lies encompassing the entire universe.

My eyes entangled amidst the mysteries that speak of this majestic secrets of preservation and dissolution. It gives me an euphoric sensation as time slowly let me mingle with the universe in my own meditative mood. I see the universe is always beckoning me to bare my soul and be part of her. I know, my experiences with the outer world keeping me at a distant from becoming the universe itself. Whatever experience I gain from my senses, can never take me closer to my own self, because they draw a lot of my mental energy towards the outer world and keep my inquisitiveness confined therein. I wish I can slowly minimize the sensorial experiences and be again with my own self basking in silent bliss. Universe here I come.

Copyright by Wintere26.

Date: 15 December 2009.