Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Life as it is…..EPISODE 20 : Life is an enigma

Life is an enigma. It is an eternal flow. Life is creation. Creation, which masquerades under the subtlety of an elusive energy, has always remain a mystery for many. Life, construction, death, destruction, expansion and constriction are not different from one another but life manifesting at its fullest capacity. Each breath of ours, each step that we take, each word that we utter, each thought that passes through our mind and each experience we go through are all life, nothing but only life.

Past always remain hidden; present is the existence; future is shrouded in mystery. As creation proliferates, we find ourselves a place in nature as the mightiest in wisdom and intelligence compared to millions of other species on earth. We have to do the necessary tasks to set exemplary actions in order to bring this earth to another high platform by raising the level of our consciousness and upliftment of life by means of positive networking and values. But, along this journey called life, something dreadful happened and humankind contaminated with many negative values such as jealousy, anger, hatred, racism, religious bigotry, lust and selfishness, all that threatens to uproot humanity at any time. The joy of living misrepresented by qualities that are not inherent in our nature, but the rush for survival has turned human beings into materialistic creatures thus killing the essence of their oneness with one another. Of course, we do not have a yardstick to measure human values and other qualities in us, but the mannerism of our interaction with the environment and people can explain a lot the type of persons we are. By means of constant self-analysis and efforts to inculcate positive and generative values, we can gradually ascend to become better persons.

Nature veils and unveils itself every second for humankind to observe the intimacy and secrecy of creation, and subsequently attempt to comprehend the meaning of life. But, only a small group of people able to comprehend the greatness and meaning of creation and life.

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Date : 7 September 2010.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Life as it is…..EPISODE 19 : DEPRESSION

Silently it lurks in the corner of our minds. Some of us choose to shirk it from the surface, but keep it active down deep. Depression is a natural and illusive killer. It kills the whole person alive, before it finally laid to rest by suicide. Be it mild depression or severe depression, both have the same impact on a person. In most cases the symptoms of depression maybe visible, but not in all cases. Most often than not, mood changes is one of the primary symptoms of depression.

A depressive individual usually does not like to do many things, which were routine for them. He or she may stop eating, sleep disorder, mumbling alone, talk about same things repeatedly, or withdraw their selves from the world around. They are many factors that contribute toward depression. The common ones are love failure, dead of loved ones, job pressure or financial loss. Only a well-trained psychiatrist can determine the root cause of depression in a person, and that very much depends on the patients. Some individuals do not like to discuss their personal matters with other people, thus it is not always easy to draw a line to pinpoint the actual cause of depression.

To avoid triggering the worst reaction in them, one must always be very tactful in handling a person diagnosed with chronic depression. Since we may not know the underlying causes for depression, gentle and broad-minded approach is very much preferable compared to harsh and direct methods. Apart from medical personnel, a person working towards helping a depressive individual must be someone who has gained maximum trust and is in closest relation with him/her. It is not as easy as one may think. Depression can occur repeatedly over the time and those closest to the person must always be alert of even slightest changes in them. Prolonged unattended depression may result in severe psychological disorders and increases the risk of the patient inflict physical injury to themselves, become mentally disoriented or commit suicide.

However, various modality of treatment is available. But, it all depends on the patients mental strength or will power. Administration of drug over a long period is not advisable, but most often physicians are left without much choices. The patients usually advised to take a long rest in the company of the loved ones or to be actively involved in their favorite activities to keep their minds from distracting thoughts.

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Date : 31st August 2010.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Silently secrets of life unfold. This universe and perhaps countless others beyond the reach of our physical sights are undergoing tremendous metamorphosis. The perpetual rotation of earth on its axis plus countless planets and stars synchronized in this play of ‘silence’. Irrespective of size and speed, each moves on its own path performing the action relevant for creations to go on.

Like the creation, in a corner of the dilapidated building, a teenager silently goes on doing his daily chores unperturbed by the busy lives around him. His parents abandoned him there when he was a toddler and some kind souls helped him to get into a Shelter Home for the neglected children. At eighteen, he decided to leave the Home and returned to the same spot where his parents left him years ago. Someone might have told him the story about where and how his parents abandoned him, without least realizing the repercussion resulting from it.

The place looks dirty with all the trash, animal carcasses and rotten woods scattered around. He was squatting amidst the rubbish and gently trying to remove the pile of rubbish one by one, in a very meticulous manner, as if handling pieces of broken glasses. I stood by the electric pole adjacent to the old building and stared at this strange yet interesting character. In my mind, I was asking some questions of which I never get the answers until now. I asked some of the passersby but no one gave me good answers. All that I hear from them is, ‘He is mad character’. But, I don’t think he is mad. A clear separation differentiates him from the sane and insane. Still I am very much disturbed to see a young man spending his time in the middle of piled rubbish. Occasionally he turned and stared at me before resuming his interest.

The curiosity began to well up within me, and finally I decided to approach him and find out what is that exactly he is looking for. Perhaps I could help him to find that, thus save him from cruel heat of the sun. I moved towards him slowly, very much aware and prepared to face any untoward reaction from him. As my feet wade through the muddy soil, I could smell the stench of carcasses, so strong, unbearable. Once I am closer to him within the distance of a meter, he stared at me. There was a deep longing in his eyes. I did not open my mouth yet, when he suddenly burst out crying. I placed my left arm on his right shoulder, while my left arm was wiping his tears. After a brief moment, we exchanged a few words and he was certain that I am not an enemy but a friend. He continued the search again, and I interrupted with my question.

“What are you searching my dear boy?”.

His answer rooted me to the earth.

“I am searching for my parents’ footprints. I want to go back to them”.

My tears rolled, and I retraced my steps with a silent prayer in my lips, not knowing what to do at that instant of time.

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Date: 24 August 2010.

Monday, August 23, 2010


Life flows on. Irrespective of weather condition or catastrophes, life flows on. Yeah...it is an undeniable fact that life is always in motion towards eternity. The perpetual flow is a game given to us to play it well, but we are at fault most of the times. We violate every principle in this game called life.

There are so many rules that is required of us to follow. Our little minds tend to shrink and break all the rules at the expense of everything pleasantly divine. To speak of some of them, we can say we try to follow gratitude, but soon to be replaced with ingratitude, we try follow honesty, but soon to be replaced by dishonesty, we try to speak the truth, nothing but the truth, but soon to be replaced by untruth etc. etc. Some of us might say that no one can follow the rules 100 percent as sometimes circumstances may warrant us to go the other way round. Well to an extend, this scenario might arise, but let us exhaust our avenues for positive judgment before we go the other way round.

Endowed with strongest ability to discriminate things in life, we are the one making most mistakes and committing most errors. And, the concept of treacherous minds, exists only among us, the so called human beings.

Religions and moral code of conducts were used since time ancient, as tool to mold the minds and lives of the people. But now all these are fast becoming destructive. The wrong interpretation of religious verses and practices which are out of time and convenience have resulted in many violent activities between the followers of every religion. Mere understanding of a religion and claim to profess one will not help to unite mankind, unless the essence of the religion is practiced and manifested in our daily lives.

Thus, we can say we are the designer of our lives. Whether we want to follow the righteous path by absorbing more good values in our lifestyle, or to follow the unrighteous path by violating every rule there is, all depend on us. The whole life is placed in us. We create the concepts and we erase the concepts. We were created in the image of God, so says many scriptures of the world. Alas!! We have deviated far from remaining the image, what to say of getting closer to God.

The world is in our hands. The future lies now in our hands too. In the parallel context of time, the past, present and future is one, and never different. Time heals, thus we too must attempt to abide the rules in time, to be healed.

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Date: 23 August 2010.

Friday, January 29, 2010


The moment of birth speaks loud to proclaim the continuity of generation. The seed is here now. Whether the generations will flourish or not, that is another matter. Humanity wears a proud smile at each birth that comes by. Birth is just a marvelous philosophy that life produces continually everywhere at all time.

With birth comes relationship and a birth may result in change of status and relationship between the newborn and the world around. A man becomes grandfather or father, a woman becomes grandmother or mother, a girl becomes sister, a boy becomes brother, others become cousins, uncles, aunties etc. The list is endless. In some culture and society, the importance of birth is joyously anticipated with some celebration in store.

Gradually as time passes by and everyone enters childhood, teenage years and adulthood, the interests and passions too undergo changes. Most of the time it revolves around sports, courtship, education and job scope. Not all are born with silver-spoon, nor a good health to ride them through the life. Those fortunate ones sail through life with less obstacles, while others have to fight against poverty, health and family problems.

Some one said, life is what we make of it, so let us together make something positive out of this life without wasting this life with frivolous stuffs.

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Date: 11 December 2010.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Life as it is......EPISODE 15 : IMPENETRABLE GAZE

My eyes staring far unto the eternal gaze of the universe. I wonder and marvel at the power that generates, preserves and sustains this universe from its macrocosm part of the visible worlds and microcosm part of the invisible realms. Though science is slowly unraveling both aspects of universe, I believe we are still nowhere closer to a nanosecond of achievement. The manifestation which takes many million years to form a feast to our eyes is still hasn't reach its height, for every second there are still billions of layers unfolding silently in some unseen corners of this universe. Inconceivable indeed the power that lies encompassing the entire universe.

My eyes entangled amidst the mysteries that speak of this majestic secrets of preservation and dissolution. It gives me an euphoric sensation as time slowly let me mingle with the universe in my own meditative mood. I see the universe is always beckoning me to bare my soul and be part of her. I know, my experiences with the outer world keeping me at a distant from becoming the universe itself. Whatever experience I gain from my senses, can never take me closer to my own self, because they draw a lot of my mental energy towards the outer world and keep my inquisitiveness confined therein. I wish I can slowly minimize the sensorial experiences and be again with my own self basking in silent bliss. Universe here I come.

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Date: 15 December 2009.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Life as it is......EPISODE 14 : OBSESSION

What is obsession? Obsession is a state where one become extremely self-centered and in continuous state of wanting to entertain or entertaining his/her impulses which is inexplicable to reasoning. It is an impulse that people do not want to ignore despite knowing the ill-effects of it in term of time, health, money and relationships. When there is a chronic recurrence of thoughts or impulses, which at times may lead to extreme behavioral changes, we can call that state as being or becoming obsessive.

People can be obsessive of many things in life. At times people just do not realize that they are obsessive with many things in life. People can be obsessive of love, beauty, food, health, status, lifestyles, relationship, sex, clothes, studies, work and the list will go on endlessly. Obsession is not a healthy state of mind because it keeps on harping on the same need for a long period of life and may make one lose their focus on other aspects of life.

If an object or subject of obsession is not met, a person may experience three levels of feelings, which are resentment, anger and fear. These are not healthy feelings. They can leave tremendous damaged and impact to our nervous system. Persistent and increased degree of manifestation of each feeling may result in long term depression which at times can be fatal or suicidal.

Resentment provokes bitter memories of past experiences. Harboring on these bitter experiences makes one kill the life instantaneously and fail to live the present. While, anger arises from immediate after effect of an argument or misunderstandings in the present. Anger is not serious and can disappear within hours or days. But, if prolonged it will turn into resentment and this can be very complicating. Out of anger and resentment fear arises. Fear is always related to future. Past experiences create the trauma and this lead to fearing of a repetition of the same.

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Date: 10 November 2008.