Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Life as it is…..EPISODE 20 : Life is an enigma

Life is an enigma. It is an eternal flow. Life is creation. Creation, which masquerades under the subtlety of an elusive energy, has always remain a mystery for many. Life, construction, death, destruction, expansion and constriction are not different from one another but life manifesting at its fullest capacity. Each breath of ours, each step that we take, each word that we utter, each thought that passes through our mind and each experience we go through are all life, nothing but only life.

Past always remain hidden; present is the existence; future is shrouded in mystery. As creation proliferates, we find ourselves a place in nature as the mightiest in wisdom and intelligence compared to millions of other species on earth. We have to do the necessary tasks to set exemplary actions in order to bring this earth to another high platform by raising the level of our consciousness and upliftment of life by means of positive networking and values. But, along this journey called life, something dreadful happened and humankind contaminated with many negative values such as jealousy, anger, hatred, racism, religious bigotry, lust and selfishness, all that threatens to uproot humanity at any time. The joy of living misrepresented by qualities that are not inherent in our nature, but the rush for survival has turned human beings into materialistic creatures thus killing the essence of their oneness with one another. Of course, we do not have a yardstick to measure human values and other qualities in us, but the mannerism of our interaction with the environment and people can explain a lot the type of persons we are. By means of constant self-analysis and efforts to inculcate positive and generative values, we can gradually ascend to become better persons.

Nature veils and unveils itself every second for humankind to observe the intimacy and secrecy of creation, and subsequently attempt to comprehend the meaning of life. But, only a small group of people able to comprehend the greatness and meaning of creation and life.

Copyright by Wintere26.

Date : 7 September 2010.

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