Sunday, November 9, 2008

Life as it is......EPISODE 14 : OBSESSION

What is obsession? Obsession is a state where one become extremely self-centered and in continuous state of wanting to entertain or entertaining his/her impulses which is inexplicable to reasoning. It is an impulse that people do not want to ignore despite knowing the ill-effects of it in term of time, health, money and relationships. When there is a chronic recurrence of thoughts or impulses, which at times may lead to extreme behavioral changes, we can call that state as being or becoming obsessive.

People can be obsessive of many things in life. At times people just do not realize that they are obsessive with many things in life. People can be obsessive of love, beauty, food, health, status, lifestyles, relationship, sex, clothes, studies, work and the list will go on endlessly. Obsession is not a healthy state of mind because it keeps on harping on the same need for a long period of life and may make one lose their focus on other aspects of life.

If an object or subject of obsession is not met, a person may experience three levels of feelings, which are resentment, anger and fear. These are not healthy feelings. They can leave tremendous damaged and impact to our nervous system. Persistent and increased degree of manifestation of each feeling may result in long term depression which at times can be fatal or suicidal.

Resentment provokes bitter memories of past experiences. Harboring on these bitter experiences makes one kill the life instantaneously and fail to live the present. While, anger arises from immediate after effect of an argument or misunderstandings in the present. Anger is not serious and can disappear within hours or days. But, if prolonged it will turn into resentment and this can be very complicating. Out of anger and resentment fear arises. Fear is always related to future. Past experiences create the trauma and this lead to fearing of a repetition of the same.

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Date: 10 November 2008.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Life as it is......EPISODE 13 : SPIRITUALITY

Life evolves around spirit for survival. A person without spirit is worst than a dead man. To expand across this mystery of spirit, religions and sectarian beliefs were created, and I believe still being created by mankind. To become subtle and receptive to world man began to explore nature from different aspects, one of it by placing him as an object of experiment. Mankind places themselves under certain kind of restrictive orders which refrain them from harming themselves and also others. These restrictive orders gradually converted into moral codes of conduct which do not apply to all simultaneously. A lot of do's and don't's applies here. Each accepts the manner that suits their temperament and adjust themselves accordingly. Under the cloak of spirituality people still have the opportunity to chose what they like and ignore that which do not fit unto them. This is human right. Let each choose their own path(s) and live rightfully, right to the fullest, so long they do not trample others. But, what is this term 'spirituality' exactly means? Quite often I repeat the same question to myself , only to leave the question to remain where it was, and walk away within my mind. I feel spirituality is a most misunderstood concept when it comes to talk about God. I am not saying that there is no God. God for some, consciousness for some, nature for some and nothing for some. This belief in a God doesn't serve any purpose if one fail to understand and relate themselves to what is wanted in the name of God. God do not ask us to surrender everything we have, nor God ask us to keep everything we have. God says, 'share' what you have. Your compassion, tolerance etc.etc. Most often, from my personal observations people mistook spirituality as an act to correct and moralize others in the manner they think and behave. But, never to correct themselves. Anyone with common sense can tell that spirituality cannot be a blind concept to continually justifying others on various grounds. Failing to understand that each is created with different mould, many going around telling people to jump into one same mould, which is theirs!!

What one does in the privacy of one's life is none of anybody's business. Spirituality is not pointing one's finger at others. Spirituality is unconditional acceptance of entire creation and being one with them. Spirituality is not curses in the name of hell and Satan, but continuous unbreakable love and tolerance surpassing human faults. Spirituality is a dignified state where one sees all as being part of oneself. When one is able to see all as being part of oneself, all the differences and judgmental attitudes will cease. Then, life shines eternally for them. A heart filled with compassion is the abode of the Lord. Let us together pray that this wisdom dawn on us, so we will be able to love all impartially. Until then we travel together, with compassion.

A life full of religious codes and conducts are meaningless without an iota of compassion for mankind, especially for one's so called enemies and the suffering lots. Peace be unto all.

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Date: 8 November 2008.