Sunday, November 9, 2008

Life as it is......EPISODE 14 : OBSESSION

What is obsession? Obsession is a state where one become extremely self-centered and in continuous state of wanting to entertain or entertaining his/her impulses which is inexplicable to reasoning. It is an impulse that people do not want to ignore despite knowing the ill-effects of it in term of time, health, money and relationships. When there is a chronic recurrence of thoughts or impulses, which at times may lead to extreme behavioral changes, we can call that state as being or becoming obsessive.

People can be obsessive of many things in life. At times people just do not realize that they are obsessive with many things in life. People can be obsessive of love, beauty, food, health, status, lifestyles, relationship, sex, clothes, studies, work and the list will go on endlessly. Obsession is not a healthy state of mind because it keeps on harping on the same need for a long period of life and may make one lose their focus on other aspects of life.

If an object or subject of obsession is not met, a person may experience three levels of feelings, which are resentment, anger and fear. These are not healthy feelings. They can leave tremendous damaged and impact to our nervous system. Persistent and increased degree of manifestation of each feeling may result in long term depression which at times can be fatal or suicidal.

Resentment provokes bitter memories of past experiences. Harboring on these bitter experiences makes one kill the life instantaneously and fail to live the present. While, anger arises from immediate after effect of an argument or misunderstandings in the present. Anger is not serious and can disappear within hours or days. But, if prolonged it will turn into resentment and this can be very complicating. Out of anger and resentment fear arises. Fear is always related to future. Past experiences create the trauma and this lead to fearing of a repetition of the same.

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Date: 10 November 2008.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Life as it is......EPISODE 13 : SPIRITUALITY

Life evolves around spirit for survival. A person without spirit is worst than a dead man. To expand across this mystery of spirit, religions and sectarian beliefs were created, and I believe still being created by mankind. To become subtle and receptive to world man began to explore nature from different aspects, one of it by placing him as an object of experiment. Mankind places themselves under certain kind of restrictive orders which refrain them from harming themselves and also others. These restrictive orders gradually converted into moral codes of conduct which do not apply to all simultaneously. A lot of do's and don't's applies here. Each accepts the manner that suits their temperament and adjust themselves accordingly. Under the cloak of spirituality people still have the opportunity to chose what they like and ignore that which do not fit unto them. This is human right. Let each choose their own path(s) and live rightfully, right to the fullest, so long they do not trample others. But, what is this term 'spirituality' exactly means? Quite often I repeat the same question to myself , only to leave the question to remain where it was, and walk away within my mind. I feel spirituality is a most misunderstood concept when it comes to talk about God. I am not saying that there is no God. God for some, consciousness for some, nature for some and nothing for some. This belief in a God doesn't serve any purpose if one fail to understand and relate themselves to what is wanted in the name of God. God do not ask us to surrender everything we have, nor God ask us to keep everything we have. God says, 'share' what you have. Your compassion, tolerance etc.etc. Most often, from my personal observations people mistook spirituality as an act to correct and moralize others in the manner they think and behave. But, never to correct themselves. Anyone with common sense can tell that spirituality cannot be a blind concept to continually justifying others on various grounds. Failing to understand that each is created with different mould, many going around telling people to jump into one same mould, which is theirs!!

What one does in the privacy of one's life is none of anybody's business. Spirituality is not pointing one's finger at others. Spirituality is unconditional acceptance of entire creation and being one with them. Spirituality is not curses in the name of hell and Satan, but continuous unbreakable love and tolerance surpassing human faults. Spirituality is a dignified state where one sees all as being part of oneself. When one is able to see all as being part of oneself, all the differences and judgmental attitudes will cease. Then, life shines eternally for them. A heart filled with compassion is the abode of the Lord. Let us together pray that this wisdom dawn on us, so we will be able to love all impartially. Until then we travel together, with compassion.

A life full of religious codes and conducts are meaningless without an iota of compassion for mankind, especially for one's so called enemies and the suffering lots. Peace be unto all.

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Date: 8 November 2008.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Every day is another day in life. Life is cyclical. Yes, we can't deny that. Things may repeat many times at different phases of time. Yes, life is cyclical. What was yesterday's dream, may have become today's reality. What was yesterday's pain, may have become today's pleasure. What was yesterday's love may have become today's hatred. Things go on repeating in life. Yet, not many of us realize that. Why? Because, our mind deceives us to believe that every experience is a new experience though the taste, sight and sensation may just be the same as before. There is nothing wrong in repeating experiences if we gain some happiness and pleasure along the way. We naturally, try to avoid pain and wallow in pleasure all the time. Pleasure is just an interval between two sorrows. And, likewise sorrow. we may have come across this statement many times in our lives, yet its truthfulness and the reality it stands on, never dawn on us. Let us live life as it comes. Do things that we love. Show gratitude towards life. Every little things in life matters to us. Do not push aside anything nor take things for granted. Grab not that which belongs to others. Always learn to give for good cause. Set aside time for good things. Remember, life is cyclical. What goes around will come around. May peace be unto all.

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Date: 1 November 2008.

Sunday, October 26, 2008


It is Deepavali day, the festival of light. This is one of the famous festivals among the Hindus. Well, every festival dwells on lights. Name one festival where there are no lights or fire to represent goodness and to ward off darkness. Hindus from every nook and corners of the world celebrates this event to mark the beginning of sunshine in their lives, especially in their minds. They pray for many things such as well being, wealth ranging from good family, good crops, good money, good partners, good children, good education, good good good and many many good things in life. It’s ok. There is no harm in asking for many good things, instead of asking for one bad thing.

God is gracious. He gives and gives. But, a question we may ask on this special day, are we ready to take and make use of everything God given in a rightful manner? This means sharing the good things with our unfortunate brothers and sisters irrespective of race and religion. This also means willingness to sacrifice the good things blessed when there arise occasions where others may be in demand of those things. Are we ready?

Deepavali starts with early morning oil bath. Hey common guys…this doesn’t mean that we pour buckets of oil over us. In Hindu tradition applying some oil on the body signifies an act of purification, then they will wear new clothes; lighting of oil lamps, followed by prayers at home and going to temples. Festive mood is not over yet with all those activities. Now it is time to invite and serve our friends and relatives. As part of the tradition, some people would pack some Deepavali cookies to be given to the neighbours. Talk about Deepavali, we can’t run away from TV programmes, movies and also some cultural activities. Great. Go and enjoy yourselves. Get immersed in the spirit of Deepavali with fireworks. Let the children run free today. Lets everyone be liberal in thoughts and moods. Be positive. Lets initiate the goodwill and brotherhood among mankind.

Then, what? We forget Deepavali? And, wait for another year to come by? Together with the celebration, let us remember that this day act as a reminder as well. Reminder? One may start to scratch his/her head? Yes, dear friends and relatives, it is not just a celebration but a reminder to us to forego at least one habit which doesn’t serve well to us and also to society. So, every Deepavali is a moment to shed the wrong kind of habits and replace it with some positive ones. We can do that. It is not only during Deepavali, but also during every festival or every religion the followers must aspire to give up at least one bad quality in them. Then the meaning of true celebration will descend upon our arid mind. The significance become clear. We too can lighten ourselves from unwanted elements. God Bless. May peace be unto all.

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Date: 27 October 2008.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Life as it is.......EPISODE 10 : Be PRACTICAL

I go for jogging everyday. But, what surprises me is that it never tire me. I remain fresh as before. I wondered, why? Then, I realized I must be mad to jog in my mind. It just goes to say, that anything entertained by our mind will not come into fruition, unless it is applied practically.

Life is practical. Don’t spend money and time to understand imagination, resentment, religion or strive aimlessly to understand rites and ceremonies. Live a simple life with ample love and compassion. Thinking about living a simple, do we need to crack our head to profess a religion by cutting off ties with families, friends and the societies? Think simple. You need not strive hard to live such a live. It is our nature, our birth right. Many spend time in understanding the principles laid in the religions without least awareness that these so-called principles lie within each one of us. Try to understand and embrace more and more people within our fold of love. Render help to as many needy individuals in term of food and education. Live the life. Don’t spoil the life with extreme beliefs and cultures. Move on the surface and let your mind swim deeper. This journey is a travel from our little ‘self’ to the big ‘SELF’. It ends where it begins.

Don’t growl at others. Cool down in the hours of utter dismay. Spirituality has no religion. It is beyond ideologies and religions. Only LOVE speaks. Let us be the torch that lit up people’s life and not to burn them unto ashes. Peace be unto all.

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Date: 18 October 2008.

Life as it is.....EPISODE 9 : MEDITATION

People meditate. Meditation is a process. A process of being mindful of every little act performed consciously. To harness the after effect of mindfulness we need to find a quiet and clean spot, preferably close to nature such as mountains, by the river, trees or lakes. Nowadays, it is not that easy to find a quiet and clean spot, so one’s own private room charged with good aroma and aura can be used too. There we should sit and contemplate on every act of mindfulness performed during the day. As we consciously move our thoughts from one act to another, a profound and pristine feeling would arise. Of course, this need to be done on regular basis, at the same time everyday, wherever one goes to. So, if we take time to ponder over the actual meaning of meditation especially for the lay man, we will come to grasp that it is not merely sitting in a rigid pose by closing one's eyes and remain motionless for hours. Meditation, as mentioned earlier, is a process of consciously monitoring our actions and subsequently the thoughts. Assiduously practiced over many months, can guarantee one the pleasant effect of meditation. Like the leaves that fall during autumn, our mental agitations too will slowly give way as our meditation gets better and better. Once we realize the real purpose of meditation and its benefits we will realize that meditation is a continuous process of establishing oneness with nature. And, at the end of each mindful day we sit and contemplate to stream the energy of meditation. If correctly practice, we will see the harvest immediately. Happy meditation.

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Date: 17 October 2008.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Life as it is.....EPISODE 8 : PRAYER

Someone once said, " prayer I am talking to God, in meditation God is talking to me". Well, each person has something to share when it comes to God.That's good. Prayer is powerful. It gives us a sense of reliance upon an energy which is deemed as energy of existence or GOD in common parlance. In prayers we pour the depth of our happiness in the form of gratitude and splash the grievances in the form of bitter tears. Either way, Prayers help us to compose ourselves and identify the root cause of our desires and pain. I am talking about genuine prayers where one loses oneself in essence of the self. Genuine prayers helps to calm our mind by means of slowing down our breathing pattern, thus indirectly reduces the agitation of the mind, or some may call it inner chattering. We should not pray to get our prayers answered, but pray to be relieved of attachment to sensory pleasures which is the primary cause of every mental agitations. It is not easy, but it is possible. Prayers are known, if daily, to have created a state of mental balance where our physiological processes functions at its best and give us a better health. Pray not to get what you want, Pray that you may want what you get. It doesn't matter if GOD is there or not there, always remember to pray, for that is the very basic of our yearning towards non-attachment. That is life too.

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Date: 16 October 2008.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Life as it is…….EPISODE 7: COMPLAINS

The weather is pretty cold these days. It rains almost everyday and I feel my blanket is getting thinner and thinner. My bones are pulling my flesh closer, while the flesh is pulling my skin tighter. Can I blame the weather for that? Surely, I can’t. I can wear jacket to adapt to the cold and wear thick corduroy pants to cover my legs or use a thick blanket to protect myself.

It’s pretty much the same with many things in life. We can’t blame the external factors all the time. Instead, we should make effort to remediate, adapt and compensate the so called loss or negativity with some practical solution. Life glows in an expanse of spirit. In it we balance our existence with intelligence and ingenuity. Failing to address the issues in life intelligently and wisely, results in flawed perception and estranged relationships. How often do we complain about things going wrong in various aspects of our lives? I think most of us have something to complain about daily.

Can we avoid complaining? It’s like almost impossible, right? Of course we have to admit that we can’t escape from complaining, but we can always make complains become an effective method towards problem solving by focusing on the issue(s) and not the person(s); hence, it help us to disentangle ourselves from the cobwebs of problems. Complain without any ill intention. Complain with the desire to improve things. We should make effort to complaint effectively so that it won’t derail into back biting and personal attacks.

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Date: 15 October 2008.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Life as it is……EPISODE 6: PERCEPTION

Life is flimsy for many. They see everything but themselves. The point at everyone, but themselves. They see life as a transparent layer that allows them to penetrate the veil and condemn others all the time. Sadly, along the process they ignore the mess implicated on them by themselves. This can happen to everyone. You and I are not immune to this. We see things according to our own perception. Place ourselves into another man’s shoes and see what is actually going on. Take time off from the stress and arguments, then you will realize life is bubbling with joys and divine laughter. It takes less than a second to change our perception.

The safest routes to cross the bridge of life is by picturing ourselves daily in the analytical mirror of life and do our best to be mindful of our thoughts and action. Every soul is a divine signature. So, respect each with due admiration and acceptance.

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Date: 13 October 2008.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Life as it is....EPISODE 5 : LIFE

Come guys. Stop mourning. And, start moving. Don't let you be bugged by any, especially depression. Life is precious. It reflects wonderful things in a very beautiful way. Learn to see life from all angles and study the possibilities of taking full control of it. You can, so am I. But, we always have low self-esteem and questions the validity of many things in life without even taking a step forward. Don't mourn over lost things, especially girlfriend(s) and boyfriend(s). They are best off, rather than sitting in our hearts and spitting at our minds.

Stand upright. Look at the mountains and the skies. Tell your mind that you are stronger than the mountains and broader than the sky. Nature will smile at you. Life is too precious to be spent in worries and depression. Cheer up. Life is bliss. The bliss is you. Get up and move on. If you are afraid of facing the life, tell the ants to show you the way to happiness and strength. Sing to the bees of their sweet honey and read a poem to the trees and birds about how they are making up with pains in life.

If you are really down, and feel suicidal, let me tell you this,you have to fight the fight. Open up. Open up yourself and talk to the trees, the wind, the earth and many more. See how they live and enjoy their lives. They bask in continuous pleasures. Life is yours. And, you are the life. Peace be unto all.

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Date: 12 October 2008.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Life as it is.....EPISODE 4 : LOVE

Love, the basis for the expansion of this wondrous universe. Yet, it is the most misconstrued word and expression among mankind. People like many things in life. But, they can't differentiate between likes and love. People fall in love and fall out of love, yet they can't understand love as a spark of tolerance. Lust too has become love. When people are attracted to one another based on physical appearances, that too has been misunderstood as love. They hardly differentiate between lust and love.

The beauty of love is that it doesn't attach importance to anything but just to love and love. Purely unconditional is love. Love is free from many things, yet love is everything. When one learn to just love and love....he learns to forgive and forget. Resentment will become history and vengeance will vanish from his mind. Power of love is dynamic. Let us see love as the life itself and not a requirement or an aspect of life. Love. Peace be to all.

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Date: 11 October 2008.

Life as it is......EPISODE 3 : MEMORY

Trailing behind us like the shadow are memories stored in some dimension of a life lived, perhaps from minutes to days to months to years to decades ago. Memories saturated with honeyed experiences and memories dipped in bitter taste are all shadowing us right after immediate past. It evokes both pleasant and painful sensation. The wonderful memories, let us cherish and pray that they recur again and again in our lives and give us the hope for a peaceful survival ahead. While the bitter ones, let that serve some lessons and teach us how to walk the path of life with carefully guided values.

Don't live with the memories. Make each memory a milestone of experience to be anticipated or to be avoided as we breathe the light of life. What else can life give us in the hours of peace and also desolation....but memories.\

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Date : 10 October 2008


The problem begins just when we think we are perfect and we are always right. This is the most conspicuous thought every one of us entertain unconsciously. It can happen at any point of time and place in our life regardless of race, religion and culture. It’s strange that we choose to accept this as a norm. Everyone tend to point their fingers at others.

Perfection exists only under two conditions Firstly, when there is no God to believe in and secondly, when there is only one person left alive. Knock…...knock…I am not perfect. A person who is perfect is the person who can embrace and love all human alike, irrespective of whatever attributes one may place on mankind.

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Date: 10 October 2008.

Life as it is…EPISODE 1 : DESIRES

What is this thing called ‘desire’? Is it a monster of monstrous proportion? Is it GOOD? Is it BAD? Is desire a cure for all our needs? Is desire a path to problems? We can ask many questions and keep it rolling throughout our entire life. To understand, achieve and live the righteous desires at the righteous moment, and to understand, avoid and distrust the wrongful desires at the righteous moment are what we all should aspire in this life. We cannot go on craving to have a taste of everything that pops into the caverns of our minds.

We all have desires. Anyone claim they don’t have any desire, let them see the hell before they die. Desires propel our entire activities and lead us through our day to day lives. The extend we are willing to go to fulfill our desires determines the make up of our mind and our care towards the well being of the society.

While we can make every effort to achieve or fulfill our desires, we must at the same time be wary of the outcomes which may arise as the consequences of entertaining those desires. Money may buy us everything, and relationship may set our emotion into excitement, but peace and health lies beyond the reach of money. You are a leader if you know when to sacrifice, when to cut down and when to share your desires with others. Desires are not God given. God gave us the best tool to set borderline to enjoy this life, which is our mind, and let us not ask for more but learn to discriminate wisely. Just like we need a boat to flow along with the river, our desires too need to be guided at every seconds.

When entertaining every piece of desire, life may appear to be prosperous and glittering in the beginning, and for some time it may appear to be heaven, but remember in the long run, that intoxication can prove to be fatal and suicidal. Peace be to all.

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