Monday, August 23, 2010


Life flows on. Irrespective of weather condition or catastrophes, life flows on. is an undeniable fact that life is always in motion towards eternity. The perpetual flow is a game given to us to play it well, but we are at fault most of the times. We violate every principle in this game called life.

There are so many rules that is required of us to follow. Our little minds tend to shrink and break all the rules at the expense of everything pleasantly divine. To speak of some of them, we can say we try to follow gratitude, but soon to be replaced with ingratitude, we try follow honesty, but soon to be replaced by dishonesty, we try to speak the truth, nothing but the truth, but soon to be replaced by untruth etc. etc. Some of us might say that no one can follow the rules 100 percent as sometimes circumstances may warrant us to go the other way round. Well to an extend, this scenario might arise, but let us exhaust our avenues for positive judgment before we go the other way round.

Endowed with strongest ability to discriminate things in life, we are the one making most mistakes and committing most errors. And, the concept of treacherous minds, exists only among us, the so called human beings.

Religions and moral code of conducts were used since time ancient, as tool to mold the minds and lives of the people. But now all these are fast becoming destructive. The wrong interpretation of religious verses and practices which are out of time and convenience have resulted in many violent activities between the followers of every religion. Mere understanding of a religion and claim to profess one will not help to unite mankind, unless the essence of the religion is practiced and manifested in our daily lives.

Thus, we can say we are the designer of our lives. Whether we want to follow the righteous path by absorbing more good values in our lifestyle, or to follow the unrighteous path by violating every rule there is, all depend on us. The whole life is placed in us. We create the concepts and we erase the concepts. We were created in the image of God, so says many scriptures of the world. Alas!! We have deviated far from remaining the image, what to say of getting closer to God.

The world is in our hands. The future lies now in our hands too. In the parallel context of time, the past, present and future is one, and never different. Time heals, thus we too must attempt to abide the rules in time, to be healed.

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Date: 23 August 2010.

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