Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Life as it is…..EPISODE 19 : DEPRESSION

Silently it lurks in the corner of our minds. Some of us choose to shirk it from the surface, but keep it active down deep. Depression is a natural and illusive killer. It kills the whole person alive, before it finally laid to rest by suicide. Be it mild depression or severe depression, both have the same impact on a person. In most cases the symptoms of depression maybe visible, but not in all cases. Most often than not, mood changes is one of the primary symptoms of depression.

A depressive individual usually does not like to do many things, which were routine for them. He or she may stop eating, sleep disorder, mumbling alone, talk about same things repeatedly, or withdraw their selves from the world around. They are many factors that contribute toward depression. The common ones are love failure, dead of loved ones, job pressure or financial loss. Only a well-trained psychiatrist can determine the root cause of depression in a person, and that very much depends on the patients. Some individuals do not like to discuss their personal matters with other people, thus it is not always easy to draw a line to pinpoint the actual cause of depression.

To avoid triggering the worst reaction in them, one must always be very tactful in handling a person diagnosed with chronic depression. Since we may not know the underlying causes for depression, gentle and broad-minded approach is very much preferable compared to harsh and direct methods. Apart from medical personnel, a person working towards helping a depressive individual must be someone who has gained maximum trust and is in closest relation with him/her. It is not as easy as one may think. Depression can occur repeatedly over the time and those closest to the person must always be alert of even slightest changes in them. Prolonged unattended depression may result in severe psychological disorders and increases the risk of the patient inflict physical injury to themselves, become mentally disoriented or commit suicide.

However, various modality of treatment is available. But, it all depends on the patients mental strength or will power. Administration of drug over a long period is not advisable, but most often physicians are left without much choices. The patients usually advised to take a long rest in the company of the loved ones or to be actively involved in their favorite activities to keep their minds from distracting thoughts.

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Date : 31st August 2010.

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